Segra International | Consulting Services
Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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Consulting Services

Tissue Culture

Tissue culture (“TC”) is an emerging hot topic in large scale Cannabis cultivation – but is it appropriate for your operation? Segra can examine your production plans, and help you understand both the costs and the benefits your process would incur if you want to bring TC processes into your workflow. Make the best-informed decision you can in balancing novel technologies against costs to stay successful in a competitive environment.



Genetic technologies can be used for strain identification (are those seeds you bought, what you paid for?), for monitoring current production strains for unwanted genetic drift, and for speeding up selective breeding of novel hybrids with particular properties. Genetic strain stability data can be used to support applications for cultivar protection status, and serve as a basis for out-licensing agreements. Do these technologies provide potential benefits to your business practices, and if so, how could you go about obtaining them – and at what cost? Similarly to Tissue Culture, Segra can provide you with information to help inform your decisions to apply technologies wisely in your company’s growth.

Quality Systems Training

A Quality System is just paper, until it’s put into action. To address this, in addition to developing a custom Quality System for an operation, Segra can train your staff on how to interact with the Quality System to bring it to life – how to not only understand and follow it, but how to adapt it as needed while retaining appropriate change process records to ensure product continuity and regulatory compliance.

Software Selection

A major part of regulatory compliance (with variations depending on specific jurisdictions) is in demonstrating “seed to sale” tracking of product, as well as patient registrations, wholesale transactions, lot and batch tracking, and ability to conduct recalls. Multiple commercial software packages are on the market, but which one best fits your needs? Segra has experience in evaluating software packages with end-to-end work flows against your facility, SOPs, and regulatory needs to help you assess which software package(s) will best live up to their claims and provide you the data integrity and SOP integration you need.

Quality Systems

Quality Systems is a term which encompasses having a uniform set of processes for all work activities (“SOPs”). Many people however only think of this as the SOPs for hands-on work in plant cultivation and harvesting. In reality, a Quality System has to also include all aspects of record keeping, employee training, change control, and demonstrating regulatory compliance. If your current SOPs don’t address all of this, you’re probably not ready to operate in an environment where you will be subject to inspections. A Segra custom developed Quality System for your operation can not only provide this, but it can readily adapt and grow with a company’s changing needs for process improvements or responses to changing regulatory demands. Segra staff have experience in developing comprehensive Quality Systems, tailored to specific operational and regulatory needs.


All of the above work together as an integrated whole to make your processes effective, products reliable, and avoiding downtime from process failures or regulatory deficiencies. Rather than just expertise in one section and lacking a critical understanding of how it interfaces with other parts, Segra has experience in considering all of these as a whole. This wide perception and consideration to ensure the parts work together helps to give you seamless, reliable functionality.