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Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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For Investors

Segra is a cannabis science company focused on the technology and people required to achieve high-quality, standardized Cannabis spp. production. This is achieved using:

    • Tissue Culture – Highly scalable production (millions) of robust, pathogen-free and genetically identical plantlets at a significantly lower cost over traditional clone methods
    • Plant Molecular Biology Lab – Strain verification and proactive pathogen detection tools (opening Sept. 21st, 2017)
    • Quality Management Systems – Operational efficiency, continuous product improvement, repeatability, regulatory compliance, and risk management
    • Modern Cultivation Facility Design – Developed with bio-contamination, sanitation, and modern process flow considerations

Segra is an advanced stage applicant with Health Canada to become a Licensed Producer and legal distributor of medical Cannabis spp.. We are also developing a cannabis tissue culture production facility in the state of California to provide starting plant materials to the largest cannabis market in the world.

The company’s emphasis on quality, integrity, and science continues to attract and retain a team of world-class multidisciplinary science and business professionals. Segra’s scientific team has a combined 100+ years of experience in botanical science, genetics, clinical diagnostics, microbiology, and analytical chemistry.

For more investor relations
or more information please contact:

Kevin Mehr
Business Development
(604) 761-4540