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Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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For Investors

Segra International was created when our founders realized a significant business opportunity for using scientific innovation to better provide premium grade Cannabis products to serve the unmet needs of the high end market. Within the Canadian medical Cannabis industry, very few licensed producers (LP) truly demonstrate a dedication to exacting quality control. With the implementation of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) in June 2013, and the eventual legalization of Cannabis promised by the new federal government, the number of Cannabis users will inevitably rise. The Segra initiative is to become one of the first LPs to use validated molecular genetic techniques to confirm the identification of every strain that we produce and ensure all finished product meet stringent quality control (QC) standards. We understand that public health and safety are of the utmost importance, and so are committed to providing premium, high quality, and standardized Cannabis to the market. Segra has recruited a team of multidisciplinary scientists to apply the rigorous and comprehensive quality control system that we have developed to realize our goals. Furthermore, to supplement our Cannabis products, we will also enter into the Natural Health Products (NHP) market. There exists a strong overlap between Cannabis and NHP in terms of treatment area and target clientele. We believe the two can work synergistically to attract clients and foster the Segra brand. We intend to enforce the same high QC standards to our NHPs as with our Cannabis products, and we aim to market only products with demonstrable efficacy.

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Todd McMurray