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Segra International is a plant biotechnology company that specializes in industrial-scale cannabis plant micropropagation. The company is developing industrial-scale cannabis micropropagation laboratories to produce healthy, robust plantlets for licensed cannabis producers globally.
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Segra Issued Natural Product Number from Health Canada


Segra Issued Natural Product Number from Health Canada

Vancouver, BC, November 30, 2015 – Segra Biogenesis Corp is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully navigated its first natural product from development to approval, having been issued a natural product number from Health Canada. Blissful Sleep is a natural sleep aid made from certified organic materials that will help you in getting to sleep faster, sleep longer, and in having better overall sleep quality if you are suffering from temporary insomnia. In the USA alone it is estimated that 62% of the adult population experience a sleep problem a few nights per week.

Blissful Sleep is the first of many natural products Segra intends to develop using its natural product development system. This method, designed by the Company’s scientific team, enables the Company to develop natural products from conception to market, efficiently. The high standards employed with this method ensure that Segra only markets products with demonstrable efficacy and safety based on quality scientific literature, which we transparently share with our customers. For more information on Blissful Sleep including references to peer reviewed publications visit

Segra Biogenesis Corp. is an emerging specialist Research and Development Company focused on plant-based medicines, including medicinal cannabis. Our team is driven by research and development experience in medicine, genetics, cultivation techniques, natural medicines, biochemistry, agriculture and information technology. Segra’s goal is to research, develop, test, produce, and market products made from specifically selected plant cultivars that are effective, safe, and of the highest quality for promoting and maintaining good health.

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