Segra International | Segra Modular Growing Facility
Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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Segra Modular Growing Facility

Due to constant risk of closure, cannabis growing operations in the past have generally not been designed for sustainable large-scale production. Growing practices were built around short-term production, with poor facility cleanliness and the intent to move production after contamination issues or enforced closures.

The medical community is increasingly recognizing the therapeutic potential of cannabis; the doctors are changing.

The population is increasingly acknowledging that cannabis use is acceptable; the laws are changing.

Cultivation must also change.

As part of our goal of bringing best practices to the Cannabis cultivation space, Segra has developed our Modular Growing Facility, a scalable turnkey facility designed to facilitate sustainability, safety, and quality.

Segra’s leading Quality Management System team, headed by Chief Scientific Officer Dr. John Brunstein, has designed a set of floor plans and operational plans for the actualization of a Cannabis cultivation and processing facility which focuses on:

Ensuring maximal control over cleanliness and pathogen mitigation;

Flexibility allows for simultaneous cultivation of different strains with different growth characteristics or even vastly differing cultivation styles;

Modularity of construction maximizes utilization of shared core infrastructure and allows staggered growth for year-round availability of freshly finished product; and

Scalability for uncompromised seamless expansion while operational, whether of additional cultivation space or increasing processing capacity.

Figure 1: Modular Growing Facility; different grow modules are connected to the central hub through perimeter connection points. Additional modules can be seamlessly incorporated without interrupting current production and are allowed access to the hub only after commissioning.

Segra is offering opportunities for partnership, equity stake investment, consulting, and out-licensing of the Modular Growth Facility. Segra expects robust growth on multiple fronts from ongoing activities in Cannabis production, genotyping and research services, modular growing facility implementation and operation, Cannabis tissue culture production, and complimentary (non-Cannabis) Natural Health Products.

Figure 2: Interior of Modular Growing Facility; The modular concept employed in this advanced design allows for a wide range of flexibility in growth styles even within a single facility, as would be required for optimal yield of multiple cannabis strains – but does so in an infrastructure efficient manner without compromising any aspects of quality control