Segra International | An emerging specialist Research and Development Company focused on plant-based medicines, including medicinal cannabis.
Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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Segra International

What We Do

Segra International is a company specialized in the production of standardized cannabis tissue culture plantlets using modern quality management systems and facility design. Our solutions maximize production and profitability while minimizing product variability, product loss, or downtime due to facility contamination, recalls, or regulatory problems.

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Our solution

Segra leverages expertise in biochemistry, botany, plant tissue culture, genetic testing, and production under strict regulatory environments to bring end-to-end solutions for product production and sale in the medical cannabis space.

As part of our goal of bringing best practices to the cannabis space for growing a highly regulated product in ANY jurisdiction, Segra has developed tissue culture facility under the guidance of our leading botanical and cannabis tissue culture specialist, Dr. Sma Zobayed. Click here to learn more about our tissue culture facility and capabilities!

Segra has also designed a world-class hub-based modular growing facility. This is a scalable turnkey facility designed to facilitate sustainability, standardization, safety, and quality. Click here to learn more!