Segra International | Management Team
Segra International is a specialist R&D company focused on Quality Management Systems and facilities for medicinal Cannabis and botanical tissue culture
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Management Team

World-class scientific team, management team, and advisory board.

Segra has assembled a world-class team that consists of an extremely well-rounded group of academics, growers/breeders, managers, advisors, and financial executives. The Company is also possesses an Advisory Board comprised of leading experts in the areas of clinical research, plant science, analytical chemistry, marketing, business and engineering.

Todd McMurray

President, Director

Mr. McMurray is a business and corporate development professional with over 26 years of experience planning, financing, and promoting the strategic initiatives of public and private companies. This experience includes over 20 years as a director and or senior officer of Canadian listed companies.  During his career he has helped raise in excess of $100 million for BC-based companies. Mr. McMurray was part of the management team that developed and sold St. Jude Resources in a transaction valued at $120 million.

John Meekison

CPA, CMA, P.Log, CIM, BA, Chief Financial Officer

John Meekison, BA, CIM, – Mr. Meekison is a veteran investment banker specializing in life sciences at Loewen Ondaatje McCutcheon, Haywood Securities, Dlouhy Merchant and PI Securities. As a financier, Mr. Meekison has raised equity capital for various biotechnology companies such as StressGen Biotechnologies, ID Biomedical, Acorda Therapeutics, Inex Pharmaceuticals, Xenon Pharmaceuticals, Nortran Pharmaceuticals (now Cardiome) and BioMS Medical Corp. As CFO for a TSE listed company developing a novel clinical diagnostic platform, Mr. Meekison supervised all public reporting functions, human resources, accounting and budgeting, raising equity capital, renegotiating the Company’s existing line of credit, reviewing corporate strategy, and leading merger and acquisition (M&A) discussions. Mr. Meekison sits on the Board of Directors of Pacific Cascade Minerals Inc., Ravenstar Ventures Inc., and Natcore Technology Inc. Mr. Meekison received his BA from the University of British Columbia and is a Certified Investment Manager.

Dr. John Brunstein

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Brunstein obtained his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia in 1997, working on the molecular biology of viruses. Since then he has has worked with credible organizations including UBC as a Clinical Assistant Professor and later became the Chief Scientific Officer at the Centre for Translational and Applied Genomics. Dr. Brunstein has primarily worked through the company he founded, PathoID, as a consultant on biotechnology, molecular biology, and clinically related topics including clinical trials, assay validation methods, and quality systems in regulated industries for industrial and clinical sites in the US, Canada, and China. Dr. Brunstein has a broad exposure to biochemical analytical and molecular methods, quality systems, application of ISO/Health Canada/FDA and similar regulatory frameworks, and project management. His recognitions include the UBC Department of Pathology 2010 Faculty Award for Excellence in Research and Discovery, and he has an extensive publication record including a widely read monthly serialized article “The Primer” on aspects of clinical molecular diagnostics, now in its third year of publication in Medical Laboratory Observer.

Dr. Brian Toyota

MD, CM, MSc, FRCSC, Director

Dr. Toyota obtained his Medical Degree (MD) at McGill University, completed his neurosurgical residency at the University of Western Ontario and moved to B.C. in 1993. He began work at St. Paul’s Hospital before moving to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and the BC Cancer Agency (BBCA), in 1996. He was the Residency Program Director from 1995 – 2003; Co-Chair of the BCCA/Vancouver Stereotactic Radiosurgery Program from its inception in 1997 – 2013; Provincial Chair of Neuro-oncology for the BCCA 2004 – 2013 and President of the Canadian Neurosurgical Society 2012 – 2014. He is also on the editorial board of the Canadian Journal of Neurosciences and sits on the Royal College Specialty Committee for Neurosurgery and the Board of the American Association of Neurological Surgery.

Dr. Brian D. Toyota is a world-renowned medical and cancer expert, and the current Head of Neurosurgery at the University of British Columbia.

Chris Weidling


Mr. Weidling is the sole proprietor of Weid Capital, a cannabis focused financial consulting business. Prior to forming Weid Capital, Mr. Weidling consulted on or helped finance multiple cannabis businesses in the U.S. and Canada, including 2+ years as the CFO of Theraplant in Connecticut.

Dr. Kevin She

BA, MSc, PhD, Quality Assurance Manager/Senior Scientist

Dr. She has a diverse background including industrial microbiology for the discovery of novel antibiotics, extensive expertise in mammalian tissue and cell culture, and industrial experience in writing and implementing SOPs for products intended for use in the clinical setting. During his MSc training in the field of immunology and his PhD training in the field of molecular neuroscience, Dr. She acquired significant experience in the culture of primary cells from humans and rodents in addition to work with a variety of viruses requiring adherence to Biosafety Level 2+ laboratory security, safety, and surveillance protocols. During his grant funded industrial postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. She wrote SOPs for the use, production, quality control, test validation, and real-time product stability testing for molecular diagnostic kits intended for use in the clinical setting. In addition to implementing these SOPs, he has also trained and supervised others in the adherence to these protocols. Throughout his career, Dr. She has acquired a strong academic publishing portfolio and contributed to successful C17 and NIH R01 grants, among others, and has personally been awarded MSFHR, a prestigious CIHR CGS, and NSERC grants.

Dr. Sma Zobayed

Ph.D., Tissue Culture Production and Research Specialist

Dr. Zobayed is a leading specialist in tissue culturing with extensive international experience. Dr. Zobayed holds two patents relating to tissue culturing and has published over 50 scientific papers related to his research in the field. He holds a Ph.D. in Plant Tissue Culture, from the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Hull (UK), and has won awards for his tissue culture work from the scientific community. He is a member in good standing with the International Society of Arboriculture, International Association for Plant Tissue Culture and the International Society for Horticultural Sciences.

Christine Thomson

Corporate Secretary

Ms. Thomson has 20 years of experience in the securities market including 12 years direct experience acting as an officer and or director providing corporate secretary services to listed companies. This experience includes working with highly active and successful companies listed on the TSX, TSX.V, NYSE and the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.